SWBr HELP: guide for international fans coming to Rio!

3 maio


In this post, you will find: concert informations, how to find a hotel, how to walk around Rio and more!


|||About the concert


Where: Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil

When: June 7th, 2014, at 7PM

Place: HSBC Arena (Avenida Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 – Barra da Tijuca)

Line up: SHINee, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, B.A.P, INFINITE and Ailee

Tickets: the pre-sale starts at May 8th, normal sale opens at May 10th. Look in our FAQ to see if you can buy at the pre-sale.

Click here to see a map of the venue!

  • Premier (standing) – 267.35 dollars
  • Nível 1 (reserved seats) – 245.10 dollars
  • Nível 3 central (reserved seats) – 187.20 dollars
  • Nível 3 lateral (reserved seats) – 133.70 dollars
  • Nível 3 parcial (reserved seats) – 89.20 dollars


Hosted by KBS
Organized by Music Bank World Tour
Brought by Mix JukeboxDreammaker Entertainment e Noix Producciones
Sponsorship Hyundai Motor


|||Official Links

Music Bank website  www.musicbankbrasil.com/
Music Bank twitter  @MusicBankBrasil
Mix Jukebox website  www.mixjukebox.com.br/
Mix Jukebox twitter @MixJukebox

|||Concert location

For more informations, see (in portuguese) http://www.hsbcarena.com.br/canal/?como-chegar/2389/transporte/
The concert will happen at HSBC (Avenida Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 – Barra da Tijuca).


|||”Survivor” tips at HSBC Arena”


MixJukebox said that they won’t interfere at the line formation, so we don’t know how it will work. We strongly discourage people sleeping at the venue region, because it doesn’t have any buildings close to and there are no shopping or bathroom near, only if you get a cab/bus, so it is a very dangerous place if you aren’t in a big group. We recommend that, if you want to get a good place, just arrive early on the 7th, don’t sleep over.


||| Food:

HSBC Arena has restaurants and fast food on its inside, but they are a little overpriced.



  • Taxi (it starts counting around 2.16 dollars and increases)
  • Bus: (around 1.35 dollars)

Ask for help at your hotel, if you want to come by bus. The lines that go to HSBC Arena are: 332; 352; 613; 706; 708 and 736.




• Best Rio Hostel

10% of discount to people who are going to Music Bank. Send an e-mail to info@bestriohostel.com, saying when you are coming and leaving, number of people and say you are going to Music Bank!

Address: R. Min. Alfredo Valadão, 36 (Copacabana)
+ 55 21 2255-0966

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 22 km
– Santos Dumont: 8 km
HSBC Arena distance: 28 km


• Bossa In Rio Hostel

Go to the “Prices and Reservation” section to book a room online. If you put at the “remark” box in the formulary that you are going to Music Bank, they will give 10% discount!
Address: R. Joaquim Murtinho, 531 (Santa Teresa)
+55 21 2146-7423
+55 21 2146-7425

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 19 km
– Santos Dumont: 3km
HSBC Arena distance: 30km


• Rio Backpackers

If you inform you are going to Music Bank, you get a 10% discount.

Address: Tr. Santa Leocádia, 38 (Copacabana)
+ 55 21 2236-3803

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 22 km
– Santos Dumont: 11 km
HSBC Arena distance: 29 km


• Rio Hostel Ipanema

Localização: R. Canning, 18, casa 1 (Ipanema)
+55 21 2287-2928

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 24 km
– Santos Dumont: 11 km
HSBC Arena distance: 27 km

• Rio Hostel Santa Tereza

Address: R. Joaquim Murtinho, 351 (Santa Teresa)
+55 21 2221-1913
+55 21 98460-9250

Airport distance:
– Galeão:  18 km
– Santos Dumont:  3 km
HSBC Arena distance: 33 km

• Oztel

Address: Rua Pinheiro Guimarães, 91 – Botafogo
+55 21 3042-1853

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 20 km
– Santos Dumont: 10 km
HSBC Arena distance: 29 km

• Bonita

Adress: R. Br. da Torre, 107 (Ipanema)
+55 (21) 2227-1703 / 3734-8008

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 22 km
– Santos Dumont: 12 km
HSBC Arena distance: 28 km

• Cafofo

Address: R. Jorn. Orlando Dantas, 7 (Botafogo)
+55 (21) 3592-8570
Booking: book@cafofohostel.com.br
Questions: atendimento@cafofohostel.com.br

Airport distance:
– Galeão:  19 km
– Santos Dumont:  5 km
HSBC Arena distance: 42 km

• Z.BRA Hostel

Address: Av. Gal. San Martin, 1212 (Leblon)
+ 55 21 3596 2386

Airport distance:
– Galeão:  25 km
– Santos Dumont:  14 km
HSBC Arena distance: 26 km

• Gaivota Rio Hotel
Address: Av. Belizário Leite Andrade Neto, 406 (Barra da Tijuca)

Airport distance:
– Galeão: 32 km
– Santos Dumont: 23 km
HSBC Arena distance: 16 km – around 20 min by car

• Hotel Praia Linda
Adress: Av. do Pepê, 1430 (Barra da Tijuca)
+55 21 2494.2186

Airport distance:
– Galeão:  33 km
– Santos Dumont:  23 km
HSBC Arena distance: 16 km


You can also try to look at: http://www.brazilian.hostelworld.com/




|||At HSBC Arena is PROHIBITED to enter with

  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Lanterns (MixJukeBox confirmed that lightsticks and fanlights are OK)
  • Fireworks
  • Professional cameras (MixJukeBox said that actually ANY type of camera besides cellphone and tablets are prohibited)
  • Banners
  • Laser points
  • Helmets
  • Umbrellas


If you don’t have a lightstick, you can use this free apps for Android and iOS!

Or you can make your own! This video in Spanish shows how to make a lightstick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxpm3U8wnGI

|||13 years or under

Brazilian who are 13 years old or under that age need to show an autenthic document signed by the parents or legal guardian stating a person who’s 18 years old or above to be responsible for the minor. We don’t know if this is necessary for foreigners, so we recommend for you to send an e-mail to MixJukeBox.

1) Will there be any goodies for sale?

No, there will be only Music Bank t-shirts.

2) Why can’t I take my camera? If I do, what will happen?

Music Bank will be broadcasted at South Korea and cameras and filming equipment would be troublesome for the show. If you insist and take your camera, you will be asked at the entrance to discard it. Be careful!

3) Are there any places where I can keep my bags at HSBC Arena?

Yes, there are lockers at the building that costs around 4.50 dollars. 

8) Can I give gifts to the artists?

Mix Jukebox stated that they are still working on how to get the gifts and said that they will probably collect them at the line before the concert starts.

9) How can I buy the tickets?

Go to https://www.ingressorapido.com.br/Identificacao.aspx, starting from May 10th, and click at the box that says “País de origem: Brasil” and select the name of your country (search for its name in Portuguese first). After entering your ID number, we hope the rest of the formulary is in English.

9) How does the pre-sale works?

If you are a member of the Korean official fanclub of any of the seven groups that are going to perform at Music Bank, or a HSBC client, or came to the NU’EST event organized by Mix Jukebox in Brazil, send an e-mail to contato@mixjukebox.com.br, asking for your password to access the pre-sale that starts May 8th!


Text by: Nana,Vivi e Ciça @ SWBr
Do not take this content without giving proper credits.

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